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Welcome to this site :

Before you begin your journey into our site, we would like to say a few words about our Cyber Cafe. 

We are the leading Communication Centre holder & One of the digital cyber cafe in Ghaziabad. We started  as Internet Surfing providers since year 2000, and extended our services in Web development in coming future. Apart from this, we also deal in hardware, software and networking products.

We have started our cafe on 27th May'2k with three systems, all have pentium 450 mhz. processor and run under Windows 2000,so they become faster than other. Now we increased our systems up to four according  to customer requirements.

We are sure that you like our services & appreciate us, which is most cheapest from other cyber cafes not only in Kavinagar also in Ghaziabad. So, give us a chance to show our services.........

Your comments and suggestions regarding this site are highly solicited.

Send your suggestions at           email003.gif (15688 bytes)


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Managing Director
Of  Cyber Boon
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Sony Digital Still camera. For more info click on it.

Digital world is Here
We have a Facility of taking Digital Photographs at our cafe. This faculty is first time in Ghaziabad. For more Info click on earth.


MP3 at Britannica Store